Wednesday, July 09, 2014

STYLE ICON: Kim Kardashian

If one thing's consistent in fashion, it's that Kim Kardashian will always look fabulous.  Even when showing a little skin (ahem, that black blazer!) she always manages to look classy and pulled together.  While we can't all have Kim Kardashians closet (or budget!) we can use her style as inspiration to purchase our own fabulous pieces and create totally Kardashian-worthy outfits.  I've compiled a list below of 7 Kim K wardrobe staples, each with a couture option and a more inexpensive one.  Happy shopping!

1. The below-the-knee Pencil Skirt
Try this favourite in pastel blue patent leather.

2. The White Blazer
Kim loves Stella McCartney's version linked below. (right side, middle row in photo above)

3. The Turtleneck Crop-Top
Business at the top, party at the bottom?

4. The "barely there" Heels
In nude because it's summer and everyone has the black ones.

5. The thigh-rip Jeans
They look scraggly and ragged, but Kim dresses them up.

6. The Bodysuit
You may be surprised to know that most of the time when Kim is wearing a top "tucked in," it's really a bodysuit. (Kim has worn both listed below)

7. The pointed-toe Heel
An elegant, timeless and versatile heel.  Kim loves Saint Laurent and Giuseppe Zanotti.


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