Tuesday, January 24, 2017

FOOD: Delicious Healthy Breakfasts + Vegan Options

Breakfast is easily my favourite meal of the day.  Sweet and savoury, carbs and fruit-- all fair game.  One of my favourite parts about breakfast is that there are so many healthy options, and so many ways to transform breakfast "favourites" into healthy options without sacrificing deliciousness.  (I'm looking at you, Pumpkin Pie Pancakes!)  Below, I've compiled a list of some of my favourite breakfast dishes that not only taste good, but are good for you!  The recipes marked with (v) are vegan.

Apple Crumble Oats (v)

1 pouch Instant Oats (+ amount of water that it calls for)
1/2 Apple
2 tsp Brown Sugar
1/4 tsp Cinnamon
drizzle of Maple Syrup (optional)

1. Pour instant oats into bowl, add appropriate amount of water.
2. Slice apple and add to bowl.  (Thick slices for crisp apples, thin slices for soft apples.)
3. Add brown sugar and cinnamon on top of apples.
4. Place in microwave, stir at half time.
5. Drizzle with maple syrup.

Chocolate Chia Pudding (v)

1/2 cup Chocolate Almond Milk
2 tbsp Chia Seeds
1 tsp Activate Chocolate Superfood Powder (optional, can be substituted for cocoa powder, protein powder, etc.)

1. Add all ingredients to bowl.
2. Whisk until mixed.
3. Cover with lid or saran wrap, place in fridge overnight to allow chia seeds to expand.

Choco-Nut Smoothie (v)

1 cup Chocolate Almond Milk
1 frozen banana
1 tsp Almond Butter
1 tsp Activate Chocolate Superfood Powder (optional, can be substituted for cocoa powder, protein powder, etc.)
1 tsp Ground Flax
ice (to thicken)

1. Place all ingredients in blender.
2. Blend on puree setting until smooth.

Classic Acai Bowl (v)

1 Frozen Acai Packet
1 Banana (split in half)
1 cup Frozen Fruit of your choice (berries, mangoes, etc.)
3-4 tbsp Granola
Toppings (fresh fruit, granola, chia seeds, coconut flakes)

1. Run acai packet under warm water.
2. Put acai packet, half banana, and frozen fruit into a blender.
3. Blend on puree setting until smooth.
4. Add enough granola to cover the bottom of the bowl.
4. Pour mixture into bowl, top with other half of banana and toppings of your choice.  Get creative!

Fully-Loaded Avocado Toast (v)

1 slice Whole Grain Bread (toasted)
1/2 Avocado
spritz of Lemon Juice
pinch of Salt
pinch of Black Pepper
pinch of Red Pepper Flakes
drizzle of Olive Oil
sprinkle of Chia Seeds

1. Slice or mash avocado, place on toast.
2. Add lemon juice, olive oil, salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, and chia seeds.

Pumpkin Pie Pancakes

2 Eggs
1/2 cup Pumpkin Puree (can be substituted for a banana)
1/3 cup Rolled Oats
1 1/2 tbsp Almond Butter
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
drizzle of Maple Syrup (optional)
handful of Crushed Walnuts (optional)

1. Place oats in blender, blend on high until ground.
2. Add eggs, pumpkin puree, 1 tbsp almond butter, and cinnamon to blender, blend until smooth.
3. Warm griddle or pan, pour batter to form pancakes.
4. Place cooked pancakes on plate, layering remaining almond butter between.  Add maple syrup and crushed walnuts on top if desired.

Tropical Smoothie Bowl (v)

1 cup Frozen Strawberries
1 cup Frozen Mangoes
1 cup Frozen Peaches
1/8 cup Orange Juice
1/2 Dragonfruit
4 Fresh Strawberries
1 tsp Chia Seeds
1 tsp Coconut Flakes

1. Place frozen fruits and orange juice in blender.
2. Blend on puree setting until smooth.
3. Pour into bowl, arrange remaining ingredients on top as toppings.

Until next time,

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